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Satyam Kantamneni

Satyam Kantamneni

Citrix, California

Satyam Kantamneni is a design leader with more than a decade of experience building and guiding the product user experience for several fortune 500 companies. Over this time he has had significant impact on the Product User Experience at PayPal, Fidelity Information Systems, Nationwide Insurance and Siemens where he held varying User Experience positions.

Satyam is currently the Sr. Director of Customer Experience at Citrix, where he leads product design for the company’s enterprise products. As a design leader, Satyam has been instrumental in building PayPal’s India Design Center from the ground up, as well as the Citrix Product Design group in California, of which he is a founding member.

Satyam received his master’s degree in Human Factors Engineering from Wright State University, and is also a graduate of Harvard Business School’s General Management program. Satyam often writes and speaks about design and it’s impact on business.

Business & Design: Connecting the dots

Invited Talk (30min)

Many organizations have “woken up” to the idea of design being a key business differentiator over the past decade. Gone are the days where just having the best-engineered solution would guarantee the success of the product.

Many design professionals are finding it hard to connect the dots, and move from a support function to a strategic function in their organizations. Satyam is going to help connect some of these dots as part of his talk.