Venue : Indian Institute of Management (IIMB) at Bangalore, India on 24, 25 & 26th Oct'13

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Rucha Tulaskar

Rucha Tulaskar

Byzan Systems And MFM Pvt Ltd, India

Rucha Tulaskar is highly involved in the challenging space of user experience design of web and Mobile apps. She has 13+ years of experience with work spanning across different areas of design, ranging from Print design to Digital animation to User experience design and even illustrations. She is a hardcore visual designer with a bachelor's degree from J.J. Institute of Applied art and a certified HCI practitioner from IIT-IDC, Mumbai.

She is currently working on Mobile apps as a UX lead for Byzan systems Pvt. Ltd. and MFM Pvt. Ltd. She is a visiting lecturer of Computer Graphics at Rachana Sansad college of applied art, Mumbai.

Design Thingking

Short Talk (15min)

Not many years ago, technology and design were considered as distinct areas. But now, while technology makes lives simpler, design simplifies complex technology and explains it to the user.

My project idea attempts to simplify parents’ lives by introducing a platform where they can manage their events with the help of technology and design. Technically speaking, it is a calendar with the option of creating events and reminders, but with the unique design, it has become an intelligent, easy-to-use assistant.

For a busy parent, it is important that all data related to them or their children shows up quickly and accurately. This assistant not only indicates the busiest day of the user with the help of heat map, but also represents the events through icons. This visual assistant uses mobile gestures smartly to make it user friendly. It revolves around a parent’s life and reflects important events like PTA meetings, summer holidays, classes, car pools, exams and so on. The design is a reflection of Indian parents’ life and working methods. This journey of an idea which gets converted into a unique design is an experience of its own.