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Rajesh Kuppuswamy

Rajesh Kuppuswamy

Polaris Financial Technology Ltd, India

Mr. Rajesh Kuppuswamy, is the Chief Design Officer, CTO for Products and heading the FT Research department at Polaris Financial Technology Ltd with an experience of more than 20 yrs in the field of Software Product development.

With a Masters in Computer Science from the University of Arizona, Rajesh has worked with software product development companies of world renown, including Amazon and Microsoft, and has contributed towards some of the path-breaking launches in the industry.

At Amazon, Rajesh led a team to implement the first Cloud based Identity Management System, transforming the way the industry perceived identity management. At Microsoft, He was responsible for executing the revolutionary idea of integrating Social Media on Microsoft Windows based Nokia Lumia. Rajesh pioneered in setting up the first time ever platform for Windows Prepaid card system. He has also been a part of a startup where he had developed the first ever Internet Mall System in 1996.

At Polaris, Rajesh is the Champion of Design and Design Thinking, leading several initiatives in the organization to bring in a culture of innovation and a design mindset. His efforts towards realizing a physical space for design thinking resulted in the world's first Design Center for Financial Technology, the much talked about "FT 8012". FT8012, Polaris’ Financial Technology Design Center, is a space where the organization adopts design thinking principles to create its products, to engage in customer conversations and to collaborate with diverse teams, for maximizing customer experience. His recent path breaking work is "ROBIN" , the Robot for Banking and Insurance, designed to take next generation banking technologies to newer heights.

Design Thinking Strategy for Customer Experience

Half Day Workshop

This is not just another workshop. It is an interactive play, where each person plays a role in helping everyone understand Design Thinking strategy; with three acts and an awe inspiring finale!

Act I: To Think or to Design Thinking
Tracing the popularity of Design Thinking, this act lays the foundation to understand Design Thinking principles, with creative exercises and provoking discussions.

Act II: Strategizing with Design Thinking
Putting Design Thinking in Action does not require a lot of effort, but requires a disciplined focus and a unique strategy dedicated to deliver exciting user experiences

Act III: Design Thinking Strategy in Action
Discussing on best practices and learning experiences in the practice of a Design Thinking strategy to drive engaging customer experiences, this act describes Polaris’ Design thinking strategy.

And, last but not the least, presenting one of the results of Polaris Design Strategy, ROBIN, the World’s first Robot for Banking and Insurance… live !