Venue : Indian Institute of Management (IIMB) at Bangalore, India on 24, 25 & 26th Oct'13

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Pankaj Saharan

Pankaj Saharan, Finland

Pankaj is a passionate leader possessing excellent blend of technical skills seasoned with business view. Pankaj is currently Co-founder of, CTO of, Mentor of & PM at Nokia, Finland. An Indian by origin but living in Finland from last 7 years. Pankaj has been involved in working with big Fortune 500 companies to start-ups across continents. Before entering the fascinating entrepreneurship world, he worked with a big Finnish Telecom player for many years in multiple Project/IT Management roles. He values collaboration and have a natural talent for motivating people and providing creative solutions to problems.

Pankaj possesses a Master of Science degree in Mobile computing from Aalto University, Finland and currently pursuing another Masters degree in Business Informatics. He has been involved in startup scene from several years and wish to continue on the journey of learning & helping others with the art of Entrepreneurship. Pankaj is a dynamic, highly motivated and resourceful professional with a great attitude, aptitude, superb drive, sheer determination and excellent inter-personal skills. He loves to read books, play badminton and travel during his free time. He loves networking and meet new people so don't hesitate to get in touch!

Building an effective product strategy - Early stage Startup

Short Talk (15min)

All start-ups start with an idea in the head of the founder. Normally he validates the idea by analysing the product-market fit and business potential of the idea before thinking of developing and scaling the idea further. This is normally done by receiving prospective customer feedback via surveys, interviews etc.

He develops the MVP and start approaching the customers. But sooner than later, with more and more product and market feedback starts to come in, whole bunch of questions start to arise - Should and shouldn't he change the product strategy? How? When? Is it a false positive? And so on. This talk will analyse some of the factors to consider before pivoting from the original product idea and help developing a solid product strategy for a successful venture.

The role and importance of UX is paramount in a product strategy: - How UX plays an important role in that and key rules of thumb from point of UX in product development. Main KPIs from UX point of view and how to analyse A/B testing strategies to collect feedback; how to specify and modify product them to detect false positives etc.