Venue : Indian Institute of Management (IIMB) at Bangalore, India on 24, 25 & 26th Oct'13

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Manoj K G

Manoj K G


Manoj presents works as an independent consult and agile coach. He has 13 years of industry experience and is a certified CSP and PMP. His expertise is in Project delivery of enterprise J2EE projects, Agile/lean practices. In his previous professional stint, he led the product development team at Research IT, Monsanto. Manoj is passionate about XP, organizational behaviour development and XP engineering practices. He also manages a person

Personal KANBAN - Managing more with less

Rapid Talk (10min)

The talk will cover my personal experience in taking the concept of industrial KANBAN to personal life. Main highlights of the presentation includes - How Personal KANBAN is different from your TO DO list? - WIP and Visualization of work in Personal KANBAN. - Developing your own personal KANBAN board.