Venue : Indian Institute of Management (IIMB) at Bangalore, India on 24, 25 & 26th Oct'13

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Komal Mangu

Komal Mangu

Pramati, India

Komal is fresh breath of talent in the field of User Experience Design and Usability. Having finished her bachelor’s in Architecture in one of the preeminent universities in Hyderabad (JNFAU), she opted to pursue her masters in Interactive Media at one of most highly rated design college in the world (London College of Communication).

After gaining considerable amount of knowledge and experience in UK, she’s currently working for Cognizant in Hyderabad as an Interaction Designer. She dreams to dabble in entrepreneurship by heading a world class design team in India.

She is an architect by vision, a designer at heart, poet by thought, pianist in soul, performer for jest and an explorer by self. As a passionate mentor, she wants to inculcate design education in India; especially for women, to push them and transfer their field of dreams to reality.

Design Thinking for Social Impact

Short Talk (15min)

Every space has a notion and this notion differs for each individual because of the memories attached to it. This memory could be influenced by various aspects like culture, region,race,religion etc.And hence spaces or places are contested generally over 2 different groups. Examples are Babri Masjid in India ; Berlin Wall in Germany; Jerusalem; Belfast in Ireland etc. Implementing Design thinking in such kind of space there is a possibility of solving this issue and making the space into a neutral or positive environment and hence creating a positive social impact.

This talk will explain

  1. What are spaces and how each space varies for different people?
  2. What is the spirit or notion of a space?
  3. Examples of contested/disputed spaces.
  4. How human memory can be influenced with effective narratives?
  5. Examples of interactive spaces/installations which provoke collaboration(Primal Source by Haque)
  6. How these spaces have affected the behaviour of the audience
  7. Possibilities of applying the similar principles of Interactive Media and Design thinking over contested spaces by collaboration and hence creating a positive social impact

The talk will definitely be showing, not just telling by peppering the presentation with interesting examples and videos.