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Gopal T V

Gopal T V

CSI Division II[Software],India

Dr. T V Gopal was awarded the Ph.D in the area of "Distributed Operating Systems" in the year 1995 by Anna University. Areas of Interest: Operating Systems Distributed Computing Usability Engineering Information Architecture Object Oriented Technologies Software Quality Nano-Computing Science and Spirituality Dr. T V Gopal is the Chairman, CSI Division II [Software].

He has served as the Honorary Chief Editor and Advisor for the "CSI Communications"- a monthly publication of the Computer Society of India. He is an Expert Member of the Editorial Advisory Board of the International Journal of Information Ethics. Dr. T V Gopal has published around 42 Research Papers. He also has Six papers in the area of Science and Spirituality. Dr. T V Gopal has authored four books and co-edited 3 conference proceedings. Dr. T V Gopal is consulting to several leading industries. He is a recipient of “Rashtriya Gaurav Award” and "Siksha Rattan Award" by the India International Friendship Society. The India International Publishing House has selected him for the Best Citizens of India Award. Dr. T V Gopal has been presented "Mother Teresa Excellence Award - 2012" by the Integrated Council for Socio - Economic Progress, Thrissur, Kerala. Dr. T V Gopal has been an organizer and speaker at three National Level Seminars in the area of Usability including UMO - 2010 at Chennai.

The Qualitativeness of Quantified Data

Full-length Talk (30min)

Pythagoras taught that each number had its own peculiar character, virtues, and properties. Anywhere in this cosmos, the Circle, Triangle, Square, Hexagon, and so on remain the same unchanging archetypes. Numbers that are so important in measuring and managing Usability related aspects in Software design also convey some the qualitativeness which is often missed out. This half - day workshop attempts to blend the Qualitative and Quantitative approaches in the User - Centered Design in a manner where mathematics blends with the associated subjectivities seamlessly. As such the Usability Methods have been sparingly used due to the innate qualitative aspects. This half-day workshop is to enable the designers to read the qualitative aspects hidden behind the seemingly manageable quantitative measures. Without deviating from the "Goal - Question - Metric Methods" based methods, it is possible to derive the qualitative and subjective aspects. Some Usability methods may be deployed to substantiate critical aspects in design identified using the above approaches. The method is based on possible use of "Qualitative Number Theory" and promises to be a seamless blend with the quantitative methods of design. Good Interaction Design = Unification of Numbers and Symbols.