Venue : Indian Institute of Management (IIMB) at Bangalore, India on 24, 25 & 26th Oct'13

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Ganapathy Subramanian

Ganapathy Subramanian

SAP, India

Ganapathy Subramanian is the Vice President of the Customer Engagement & Strategic Projects (CE & SP) team in Bangalore. His main responsibility is towards the development of beautiful applications built on top of SAP’s Technology platform like SAP In-Memory (HANA), Mobile and the cloud. Ganapathy’s team within SAP acts as a start-up within a big company. The goal is to get the applications/innovations at a fast pace using Design Thinking principles and at the same time generate value to the customers. The main focus area is helping customers get Insights into their Big data in real time. The team as well works in lots of edge areas ranging from use of Technology for Social issues to solving complex problems in Genomics

The products built by him and team have won some of the prestigious awards in India like IAMAI(Internet and Mobile Association of India) Digital award, National awards in IT excellence etc. Ganapathy also is an active contributor towards building Aadhaar (the Unique Identification initiative) applications. The two applications that is being built are currently for Financial Inclusion and the other for Healthcare. The applications are again being built using Design Thinking methodology. This is still work in progress while several meetings have happened with the UID technical heads with regard to this. Ganapathy Subramanian joined SAP in 2000and in his early years at SAP worked on Building and maintaining SAP Payroll solutions for Singapore. He also built the SAP E-Recruitment software before moving on to the SME Cloud application space to build the SAP Business ByDesign solution.

He has a patent on his name for building specific features in the SAP E-Recruitment software. Apart from this, Ganapathy has managed the content of SAP TechEd (a SAP Technical Education event) in Bangalore for several years. In addition to being a speaker in these, he builds the appropriate content based on SAP TechEd audience here in Bangalore. Areas of Expertise: Building of Products/Software applications, SAP In-memory platform and Design Thinking Educations Background and Achievements: Ganapathy Subramanian has graduated from BITS Pilani, done his MS in software Systems from BITS as well.He also holds a diploma in Executive General Management Program from Indian Institute of Man(IIM).

Making Innovations easy : Design Thinking

Invited Talk (30min)

Every once in a while, great products come along that change our lives. Products that move us, change our behavior, even our way of thinking. Products that are beautiful, appealing, intuitive, that connect with us emotionally. Products that are well engineered, well designed and that create tremendous economic value for companies. Companies big and small manage to bring such great products to life, albeit infrequently. Indeed big companies, in particular, tend to get remarkably worse at this as they grow bigger.

So some questions that come to mind are: What makes great products? What do companies do to bring them to life? And how can this be scaled? How do some (rare) organizations, manage to do this repeatedly? Managers, entrepreneurs and venture capital experts are looking into the science of this. I have come to some conclusions on this matter as well. And can there be a math for this essence? A metric that is simple to identify and apply, so it can be scaled up and repeated in very large ways?