Venue : Indian Institute of Management (IIMB) at Bangalore, India on 24, 25 & 26th Oct'13

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Amitesh Madhur

Amitesh Madhur

Cisco, India

Amitesh Madhur has worked in web development for over ten years. Currently a senior engineer at Cisco, he is using HTML5 and JavaScript to deliver the next generation user experience on set top boxes and connected devices. Previously, as part of Yahoo!'s Exceptional Performance Team, he worked on optimizing delivery of advertisements on Yahoo!'s high traffic web sites and built a compression technology for flash based advertisements. His past work include "JuicyCampus" - a famous gossip engine and Tally, a great accounting product. Recently, he also won the first Tata Communications sponsored cross border Hackathon, using WebRTC technologies. He is passionate about hacking open web technologies and engaging with the developer commu

Developing non-blocking UI

Rapid Talk (10min)

I'm sure everybody at some point in time has used setTimeout. Basically, it schedules a new JavaScript execution job for some time in the future. I just want to point out that this does not guarantee that your code is going to get executed after a certain amount of time, at all. In this talk I will be talking about JS Time function and how it works, I will also talkabout developing non blocking