Venue : Indian Institute of Management (IIMB) at Bangalore, India on 24, 25 & 26th Oct'13

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Aashish Solanki

Aashish Solanki

NetBramha Studios,India

Aashish is the founder and principal designer of NetBramha Studios, a brand and UX design firm based out of Bangalore. Aashish also founded : A designers only monthly meetup group.

He has over 9+ years experience designing brands and ux for products. He has consulted several fortune 500 companies as well promising Indian startups.

He is an avid believer of the power of design and is actively seen talk at various conferences like STC UX Conference on Mobile, Metarefresh, UXUtsav, L'Ecole De Design Nantes Atlantique, StartupFestival etc.

You can reach him @netbramha or hop over to

Dribbblization of UX: How to find your design mojo

Full-length Talk (30min)

The entire UX community landscape today is suffering from the 'Dribbblization' phenomenon, where sexyness replaces logic and ease. A true calling of a UX'er is in solving the problem and not painting a beautiful painting alone. Together we will explore why this is happening, what can be done to avoid and then how do we get back our design mojo & not be tempted into the holy grail of beauty.

Makes sense?